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Picture of groupleader Prof. Marc Timmers

Marc Timmers

Marc Timmers studied gene regulation through a post-doc (1990-1992) in the lab of Phil Sharp (Nobel laureate Medicine 1993) at the MIT and a Ph.D. (1985-1990) with Alex van der Eb at the Leiden University. He obtained his M.Sc. 'cum laude' in chemistry at the Leiden and Amsterdam (UvA) universities. Since 2001 Marc Timmers is a full professor at the University Medical Center Utrecht in the department of Physiological Chemistry (renamed to Molecular Cancer Research).

In 1992 he started his independent research as a KNAW fellow in the Laboratory of Physiological Chemistry (headed by Peter van der Vliet) at the Utrecht University. Since then the work focuses on the biochemistry and molecular biology of transcription by RNA polymerase II in yeast and human cells. It contributed to insights into promoter opening, TFIID complexes and their roles in dynamics of mRNA synthesis. In addition, (global interactions between) E2 and E3 enzymes of the ubiquitination pathway in the context of Ccr4-Not gene regulators were investigated. Recently, attention has shifted towards histone methylation pathways in the context of transcription regulation and tumor suppressor function.


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