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Publications of Original Research

Gloerich,M., Vliem,M.J., Prummel,E., Meijer,L.A., Rensen,M.G., Rehmann,H. and Bos,J.L. (2011) The nucleoporin RanBP2 tethers the cAMP effector Epac1 and inhibits its catalytic activity.  Journal of Cell Biology 193, 1009-1020.

Rehmann, H., Arias-Palomo, E., Hadders, M. A., Schwede, F., Llorca, O., and Bos, J. L. (2008) Structure of Epac2 in complex with a cyclic AMP analogue and RAP1B. Nature 455, 124-127

Rehmann, H., Das J., Knipscheer, P., Wittinghofer A., and Bos, J.L. (2006) Structure of the cAMP responsive exchange factor Epac2 in its auto-inhibited state Nature 439, 625-628

Rehmann, H. (2006) Characterisation of the activation of the Rap specific exchange factor Epac by cyclic nucleotides. Methods Enzymol 407, 159-173

Rehmann, H., Prakash, B., Wolf, E., Rueppel, A., de Rooij, J., Bos, J.L., & Wittinghofer, A. (2003) Structure and regulation of the cAMP-binding domains of Epac2. Nature Structural Biology 10, 26-32.


Rehmann, H., Wittinghofer, A., Bos, J.L. (2007) Capturing cyclic nucleotides in action: snapshots from crystallographic studies. Nature Reviews Molecular Cell Biology 8, 63-73