Kalkhoven Group


Curriculum vitae
Since the start of his PhD project Dr. Kalkhoven has been interested in signalling through nuclear hormone receptors. His research activities have focussed on the structure and function of several members of this transcription factor superfamily (PR, ER, PPAR) and their associated coactivator proteins (SRC1, CBP/p300).
During his PhD project (Hubrecht laboratory, Utrecht) he investigated the mechanism of growth inhibition of human breast cancer cells by the steroid hormone progesterone and the role of TGF-β in this process. In addition, a study on the mechanism of transcriptional interference between the progesterone receptor and the transcription factor NFκ-B was performed. After finishing his PhD he went to the ICRF (London) to work in the laboratory of Dr. M.G. Parker on nuclear receptor coactivators, a class of proteins that interacts with hormone-activated receptors and is required to elicit a transcriptional response. Besides studies on various estrogen receptor mutants, he studied the structure-function relationships between two different isoforms of the coactivator SRC1. He was also involved in the discovery of the LXXLL motif in coactivators, which is required for nuclear receptor binding. After that he went to the LUMC (Leiden) to work on the function of the coactivators CBP and p300 in the laboratory of Dr. A. Zantema and Prof. Dr. A.J. van der Eb, who was succeeded by Prof. C.P Verrijzer in that period.
In August 2003 Eric Kalkhoven moved to the Department of Metabolic and Endocrine Diseases to start a new research group focussing on the molecular mechanisms behind adipocyte differentiation and function.


Education and research experience
Sept 2007-present
Associate professor, Department of Molecular Cancer Research/Metabolic Diseases and Center for Molecular Medicine, UMC Utrecht.

Aug 2003-Aug 2007
KNAW research fellow and assistant professor, Department of Metabolic and Endocrine Diseases, UMC Utrecht.

Jan 2002-July 2003
KNAW research fellow, Department of Molecular Cell Biology, LUMC, Leiden.

Dec 1997-Dec 2001
Post-doctoral fellow, Department of Molecular Cell Biology, LUMC, Leiden.

Oct 1995-Nov 1997
Post-doctoral fellow, Molecular Endocrinology Laboratory, Imperial Cancer Research Fund, London.

May 1991-Sept 1995
PhD project entitled “Progestin action in human breast tumor cells”at the Hubrecht Laboratory, Utrecht. Promotor Prof. Dr. S.W. de Laat, co-promotors Dr. B. van der Burg and Dr. P.T. van der Saag.

Biology degree, Utrecht University. Research projects Molecular Cell Biology (Dr. P.J. Rijken) and Developmental Biology (Dr. F. Meijlink).


2014 Dutch Diabetes Research Fund: Lipid antigens in the prevention of insulin resistance
2012 EFSD: Adipocyte-iNKT cell cross-talk in lipid and glucose metabolism
2010 STW-Danone: From molecule to marker
2009 Dutch Diabetes Research Fund: Optimizing the beneficial health effects of exercise for diabetes: focus on the liver!
2008 Netherlands Metabolomics Center: Metabolomic profiling of lipid mediators in inflammation
2007 Wilhelmina Research Fund: Metabolomic profiling of fat cells: towards novel predictors for childhood obesity-induced atherosclerosis
2006 Friso research grant: Reversal of fat cell dysfunction by selective gene activation
2006 Collaboration Pamgene International B.V Nuclear receptor-coregulator interactions