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Recent and selected publications

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Putker, M., Madl, T., Vos, H.R., de Ruiter, H., Visscher, M., van den Berg, M.C., Kaplan, M., Korswagen, H.C., Boelens, R., Vermeulen, M., Burgering, B.M., Dansen, T.B. (2013) Redox-dependent control of FOXO/DAF-16 by transportin-1. Mol Cell. 49(4):730-42. Pubmed

van der Vos, K.E., Eliasson, P., Proikas-Cezanne, T., Vervoort, S.J., van Boxtel, R., Putker, M., van Zutphen, I.J., Mauthe, M., Zellmer, S., Pals, C., Verhagen, L.P., Groot Koerkamp, M.J., Braat, A.K., Dansen, T.B., Holstege, F.C., Gebhardt, R., Burgering, B.M., Coffer, P.J. (2012) Modulation of glutamine metabolism by the PI(3)K-PKB-FOXO network regulates autophagy. Nat Cell Biol. 14(8):829-37. Pubmed

de Keizer, P. L., Burgering, B. M., and Dansen, T. B. (2011) Forkhead box O as a sensor, mediator, and regulator of redox signaling, Antioxid Redox Signal 14, 1093-1106. Pubmed

Dansen, T. B. (2011) Forkhead Box O transcription factors: key players in redox signaling, Antioxid Redox Signal 14, 559-561. Pubmed

de Keizer, P. L., Packer, L. M., Szypowska, A. A., Riedl-Polderman, P. E., van den Broek, N. J., de Bruin, A., Dansen, T. B., Marais, R., Brenkman, A. B., and Burgering, B. M. (2010) Activation of forkhead box O transcription factors by oncogenic BRAF promotes p21cip1-dependent senescence, Cancer Res 70, 8526-8536. Pubmed

Dansen, T. B., Smits, L. M., van Triest, M. H., de Keizer, P. L., van Leenen, D., Koerkamp, M. G., Szypowska, A., Meppelink, A., Brenkman, A. B., Yodoi, J., Holstege, F. C., and Burgering, B. M. (2009) Redox-sensitive cysteines bridge p300/CBP-mediated acetylation and FoxO4 activity, Nat Chem Biol 5, 664-672. Pubmed

Dansen, T. B., and Burgering, B. M. (2008) Unravelling the tumor-suppressive functions of FOXO proteins, Trends Cell Biol 18, 421-429. Pubmed


Some key publications from my time as a postdoc at UCSF

Jelluma, N., Yang, X., Stokoe, D., Evan, G. I., Dansen, T. B.,* and Haas-Kogan, D. A. (2006) Glucose withdrawal induces oxidative stress followed by apoptosis in glioblastoma cells but not in normal human astrocytes, Mol Cancer Res 4, 319-330. * Shared Senior author Pubmed

Finch, A., Prescott, J., Shchors, K., Hunt, A., Soucek, L., Dansen, T. B., Swigart, L. B., and Evan, G. I. (2006) Bcl-xL gain of function and p19 ARF loss of function cooperate oncogenically with Myc in vivo by distinct mechanisms, Cancer Cell 10, 113-120. Pubmed

Dansen, T. B., Whitfield, J., Rostker, F., Brown-Swigart, L., and Evan, G. I. (2006) Specific requirement for Bax, not Bak, in Myc-induced apoptosis and tumor suppression in vivo, J Biol Chem 281, 10890-10895. Pubmed


Some key publications from my time as a Ph.D. student at the faculty of Chemistry, Utrecht University

Kops, G. J., Dansen, T. B., Polderman, P. E., Saarloos, I., Wirtz, K. W., Coffer, P. J., Huang, T. T., Bos, J. L., Medema, R. H., and Burgering, B. M. (2002) Forkhead transcription factor FOXO3a protects quiescent cells from oxidative stress, Nature 419, 316-321. Pubmed

Pap, E. H., Dansen, T. B., and Wirtz, K. W. (2001) Peptide-based targeting of fluorophores to peroxisomes in living cells, Trends Cell Biol 11, 10-12. Pubmed

Dansen, T. B., Wirtz, K. W., Wanders, R. J., and Pap, E. H. (2000) Peroxisomes in human fibroblasts have a basic pH, Nat Cell Biol 2, 51-53. Pubmed