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Signal Transduction is the mechanism by which cells respond to their environment and function in a multicellular organism. Many diseases, like for instance cancer, are caused by defects in the signal transduction machinery. Elucidation of this machinery and the translation of this knowledge in better therapies is currently one of the most challenging research areas after the elucidation of the human genome.

The group Bos/Burgering has student projects in Signal Transduction for 6 and 9 months.

Usually projects start with a theoretical component. Currently for 9-month projects this includes Chapters 13, 18 to 24 of Molecular Cell Biology by Lodish et al., 4th edition, as well as some recent reviews on a topic of choice.

Students will directly participate in the research as described on our homepages. These studies include recombinant DNA technology, protein purification and detection methods, as well as mammalian cell culture. The students can choose whether they want to do more DNA work or protein work, but in general you will get a flavour of all kinds of modern molecular and cellular biological techniques. An AIO or post-doc will closely guide students in their project. Every week, students have to present their results in a round-table discussion with members of the project group and regularly during the work discussions. Our scientific language is English.

The following student projects are available

For a detailed description of projects or if you are interested in a research training in our lab please contact Cristina Arpesella (secretariat Molecular Cancer Research tel: 088-7568988; email: M.C.Arpesella-at-umcutrecht.nl