Bos Group

Student projects

If you are a talented student participating in a masters program in molecular life sciences at oner of the Dutch universities, like our program " Caancer & Stem Cell Biology (CSB)/Cancer, Stem Cell and Developmental Biology (CS&D), and have interests in participating in a multi-disciplinary group focusing on molecular mechanisms in cancer you can inquire about possible internships for 9 or 6 month as part of your masters program. Your master program has to be on molecular cell biology, like our master program.

The aim of these projects is to get a flavour of how a signaling network controls spatial and temporal events like cell migration, cell adhesion and cell junction formation. These three processes are key in development and in adult tissue homeostasis. For instance the barrier function of endothelial and epithelial cell layers are determined by cell-cell junctions and cell adhesion. In many diseases cell migration, cell-substrate and cell-cell adhesion play an important role. For instance invasive tumor growth and metastasis can only occur when cell adhesion is disrupted and leakage of vessels is caused by an improper barrier function of endothelial layers.

As one of our model systems we use the organoid technology, recntly developed in the Clevers lab. 

We offer an extensive training in molecular and cellular techniques and personal guidance by a PhD student or post-doc.

Are you interested?  Please contact Dr. Fried Zwartkruis to make an appointment.